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Who am I

Valeria Lav is more than just an indie neo-soul singer – she's a voice of self-love and empowerment. With her self-penned lyrics in both English and Italian, she takes her audience on an emotional journey through life's ups and downs.


Her songs blend catchy melodies with profound lyrics, addressing themes like self-acceptance, personal growth, and overcoming obstacles. Yet, universal feelings of love and pain also find a place in her music, infused with her unique, personal touch.


Valeria Lav's performances are not just musical showcases but spiritual experiences that touch and inspire her audience. With her sincere message of self-love and strength, she encourages listeners to embrace their own inner contradictions and love themselves – flaws and all.

Where the themes come from? From her incredible overthinking nature.


Dive into the world of Valeria Lav and let her music enchant you. A performance by her promises an unforgettable experience full of emotion and musical brilliance

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Contact me for any collaborations or bookings.

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